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Glen Farley interviewed in Murze Art Magazine

There is a feature interview of Glen Farley in Murze Art Magazine’s issue on social art.
The article can be read here


Glen Farley’s kinetic art written up in University of Oslo’s online newspaper

Click to read the article (in Norwegian)

Newspaper article and picture at opening of “Art Out West” 2015

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Norwegian press coverage of “Art in Motion”

Two national and one local newspaper published reviews of the group exhbition “Art in Motion.” They were all positive and some translated quotes are presented here, along with the entire reviews:

Aftenposten, 31.08.15
“The artists in the new exhibition at Trafo are keen to create something that is more than just a demonstration that they are skilled craftspeople… if we dig deep enough we will be able to rediscover ourselves in the most impersonal mechanisms, something that Glen Farley’s Secrets II shows. The sculpture, consisting of a section of an anonymous forest floor, comes alive when we press a button. Up from the foliage rises a camera that projects a montage of pictures on the wall – fragments of a life that we need to create a context for.”
Click to read the full article (in Norwegian)

Klassekampen, 26.08.15
“A form of nostalgia develops quickly when things are set in motion within an institution, whether it is classical mechanical Victorian times (Myskja), the rainy shortcut home from school through the woods (Farley), or Surrealist’s vision of an accidental meeting (Nielsen ). However, I recommend this exhibition without reservation; take a trip to Asker … ”
Click to read the full article (in Norwegian)

Asker og Bærum Budstikka, 20.08.15
“At Trafo six artists exhibit artwork you can start up by pressing buttons or stepping on foot pedals. The art then spins around, lights up, plays music, and trembles. And the exhibition is unique.”
Click to read the full article (in Norwegian)

Glen Farley’s art featured in international art review LandEscape

GlenFarley was selected as one of ten artists from 3 177 submissions to be featured in a special edition of LandEscape Art Review, an international publication showcasing contemporary artists. The demographic makeup of the artists considered for this publication were as follows: 50% from US and Canada, 45% from Europe and 5% from other countries. Here is the result:

Larvik Art Society, Bølgen Cultural Centre, Larvik, May 2011

The sculpture “Research” received over 100 written comments – fantastic, many thanks! Sorry I cannot publish all of them…

I liked it a lot! Made me wonder about several things. Hmm. Well executed!

Best piece in the exhibition!

Very cool art!


Damn, this is good! Regards, Johanna, 16

What is this supposed to show? Is it a military exercise?

Unnecessary research

Mulla Krekar!

Why is there a caveman?

I was surprised and wonder how long it took to create this

Cool and strange


Dark at work, darker at home

Cool mirror

Who is the man in the white coat? WHO IS HE?

If this Scenario A is better than the abandoned Scenario B, I am curious about the reason behind this! Anette, Larvik

Clever and fun! Nils from Hammerfest

Never look out at the world. You might see the truth.

I have a lot of questions – 1. How does this thing work? 2. How does it get the electricity? 3. What is the tin can used for? 4. Is the man Osama Bin Laden? 5. Who is the man with the white lab coat? 6. How does it move without a remote control? 7. What is the yellow house? Why are the drums there?

All work and no play – but I learn. Pleasure and Pain, light and dark, temptation and evil, learning and work, hot and cold

Larvik reaction

Akershus Art Center, April 2011

Comments received on sculpture “Research”:

World domination. But who is really the dominator?

Stomach ache and earache

Extremely modern “Modern Times”

Work is for losers – I am a crystal shining star

What a weird piece of art – keep it up!

Politically incorrect and übercool!

This is unbelievable. Greetings from Marie, 10 years old

It was boring. But it was also funny

You people are clever. Greetings from Emma in grade 2B

I was surprised and thought it was fun

Our lives together on the earth are filled with daily rainbows that are found within us all


I started to run around and call to my friend. FUN!

Who is at the controls?

Working management

Help, I am scared. Monster piece something I would have bought for 10,000 crowns.



It looks like an experiment with people who are working. Mons 10 years old

Created interest and expectation on progress – interactivity

I felt relieved after seeing this piece

I thought it was cool but I didn’t get the point of it

Akershus reaction

Kunst Rett Vest in Budstikka

Kunst Rett Vest